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Where Can I Buy Car Paint

"I repaired some rust holes on a car I am restoring and used your paint and clearcoat for finishing. With the help of your video on paint blending the repairs came out great! I had a quote for north of $1000 to paint the repaired area, I did it myself for under $100, thanks for a great product and paint matching service that allowed me to get professional results for a fraction of what a body shop would have charged!"

where can i buy car paint

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"It was so easy I sanded down the project, put 3 coats on letting it dry just a 1/2 hour in between. Then I put on a clearcoat. The paint comes out so smooth, like a wide spray. No drips, matched perfectly with the other colors! Would work great if I purchased enough to do the whole car, seeing that my color is discontinued [by the dealer, not by AutomotiveTouchup]!"

What Is Touch Up Paint for Cars? Vehicle touch-up paint is used primarily for car paint scratch repair and comes in a variety of forms, such as paint pens, aerosol cans, and bottles. Whether you have a few small chips or one big scratch to fix, you can pick up the truck paint or car paint for sale that you need from our online automotive paint store. Our wide selection and custom-mixed products ensure a perfect car paint match every time.

How Do You Use Touch-Up Paint on a Car? How you apply your car paint will largely be determined by the type of auto paint repair job you're tackling. If you need to do a simple car paint chip repair, an automotive touch-up paint pen might be all you need to have in your car paint kit. But if you need to paint a larger area or do a full restoration, you may need automotive spray paint, which will obviously be applied differently. If you're unsure of how to use the tools found in automotive paint kits, head to our video library and watch our how-to videos for instructions!

Can I Get Spray Paint to Match My Car? Yes! You can order our car paint in an aerosol can that's fitted with a pro-grade nozzle for smooth, even spraying. If you already have a spray gun, you can also order ready-to-spray paint pints, quarts, and gallons of auto paint.

Can Car Paint Be Matched Exactly? Yes! We use precision color-matching technology, and our helpful online tool makes sure that the color-matched touch-up paint you order is the perfect shade for your car paint fix. Even if the best automotive paint for your vehicle's color isn't listed, we can custom-mix the perfect car scratch paint for you!

How Do I Get the Exact Paint to Match My Car? Simply click on your car's manufacturer, year, and model to see a list of colors and find the one that matches your vehicle. It helps to have your vehicle's color code to check against this list; if you don't see your color in the list of paint codes, you can also use the code itself to make sure that you order exactly the right paint.

How Do I Find My Car's Paint Code? The location of your paint code will vary by vehicle model and year, but our color code locator can help. Choose your vehicle's manufacturer to see where you should look for your color code.

How Long Does it Take for Car Touch-Up Paint to Dry? Depending on how thick you make each coat, plan on at least 30 minutes of drying time. Once you're totally finished, let the paint cure overnight for the best results.

What Is the Best Automotive Touch-Up Paint? We're proud to say that our company has some of the best touch-up paint you can find. Whether you're looking for auto spray paint for a whole bumper or just a car touch-up paint pen for a quick chip repair, you can find premium auto paint for sale at great prices with AutomotiveTouchup!

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Car Paint Touched Up? This depends on whether you're bringing it to a body shop or want to DIY by working out of your own car touch-up paint kit. The cost can be considerable if you bring your vehicle to a shop, ranging from an estimate of a few hundred dollars to more than $1,000, but when you buy your own automotive paint supplies and do the work yourself, it will cost far less. Also, you can hang onto touch-up paint for car scratches and use it again down the road: Investing in auto paint supplies can save you more than one steep body-shop bill!

Where Can I Get Touch-Up Paint for My Car? You can buy auto paint for all of your touch-up needs at AutomotiveTouchup. Our auto touch-up paint products come in a wide variety of sizes, from a simple touch-up paint pen for car owners to cans of vehicle touch-up spray paint, and all of our automotive color-match spray paint is guaranteed to blend perfectly with your vehicle. When you buy car touch up paint online from us, you can be sure you're getting the perfect automotive paint for your car paint repair job!

Is Car Touch-Up Paint Oil-Based? Car touch-up paint is not oil-based; it is solvent-based. Generally, automotive paint is an acrylic lacquer, or a modified acrylic urethane basecoat. Primers and clearcoats are usually an acrylic lacquer.

Does Car Touch Up Paint Wash Off? Between the primer and basecoat, touch-up paint won't wash off of your automobile or motorcycle for a very long time unless you take specific steps to thin it. If it's still partially wet and you made a mistake, you can add some thinner to make it easier to get off. Once it's dry, however, you'll need to sand it off in order to remove it.

With the press of a button, you can restore your car's original paint using our touch-up paint products. Choose your car's make to quickly find your car's color match. Our exact-match paint products deliver professional results for DIY paint jobs!

The complete line of AutomotiveTouchup products makes it easy and affordable to restore your car, truck, or SUV to like-new condition thanks to our precision color-matching technology and dedicated staff. Avoid an expensive body shop visit and skip the risky insurance claims; order your factory-matched paint from us today.

If you're new at this, we'll provide easy instructions to help your car or truck look great again. You can also contact us with any questions that you may have. But if you're one of those people who loves reading auto forums (or you're a pro who has it all figured out), just click on an icon and we'll get you the touch-up paint product that you need.

How Can I Match an Existing Paint Color? To match your paint to the exact color of your car, we'll need your OEM color code. You can locate the paint code on your vehicle, or you can use our tool: Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle and we'll help you figure out your color code.

Can Car Paint Be Matched Exactly? Yes! Using advanced technology, the products from our car paint shop are perfectly matched to the original manufacturer's paint. When you use our premium products for car paint scratch repair, you'll be able to achieve a flawless result indistinguishable from what you might get from a professional auto paint shop.

What Is the Best Automotive Touch-Up Paint? AutomotiveTouchup is the best automotive paint store you'll find. Our high-quality color-match paint is custom-mixed in all colors to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's factory finish.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Car Paint Touched Up? Professional paint jobs can cost thousands of dollars, though the exact cost will vary depending on the extent of the specific repair needed. You may find an automotive paint shop charging less, but the result may very well be a subpar paint job. For the best and most economical results, you'll want to use our automotive paint supplies to do the work yourself.

Does Car Touch-Up Paint Really Work? If you choose the best car scratch paint to touch up your vehicle, it really does work to deliver professional results without the steep price tag. Our high-quality products can help you to cover scratches, dings, and chips with ease.

Do Car Paint Touch-Up Pens Work? When used correctly, a vehicle paint pen is an effective tool to cover up small scratches and fix chipped spots. We've provided videos that demonstrate how to use an auto touch-up paint pen as well as how to effectively use our other car and truck paint products for the best results.

Where Can I Get Touch-Up Paint for My Car? You can get premium vehicle paint from AutomotiveTouchup. We are an auto paint supply company known for providing excellent products that can help you DIY car scratch repair at home for less.

Can You Buy Automotive Paint Online? Yes: We are an online automotive paint supply company that sells professional-grade car paint kits that you can use to restore your vehicle's showroom finish. We make it easy to shop for high-quality automotive paint supplies online.

Can I Get Spray Paint to Match My Car? Yes: Our exact-match car paint, primer, and clear coat comes in aerosol cans as well as ready-to-spray cans that you can apply with a spray gun.

How Much Is a Gallon of Paint for a Car? The price of a gallon of our car paint for sale is $486.38. This paint is applied with a spray gun for even coverage over a wide surface area. This is the largest quantity of car body paint that we sell.

Can You Smooth Out Touch-Up Paint on a Car? If your DIY car paint repair project comes out a little uneven, you can try using a bit of rubbing compound on it to level off the paint. If that doesn't work, wet-sanding with a very fine sandpaper should fix it.

Be careful when using the Internet to decode your car number. There are a handful of websites that match paint color codes with paint names, but that information may not be correct. I had to check my color code number twice when I realized that PV1 was actually PW1 representing stone white, not the light pearlstone metallic found on some Jeep models. 041b061a72


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