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Download and Update Softcam Keys with Latest Keys Softcam Downloader v3.0

Softcam.Key. Support, configs, downloads, tools, keys for biss & powervu encrypted feeds. Softcam Download 81 (02-02-2020 ATV feed (2700/1FFF) Biss New Key (46.0E) Biss Feed date: 02-02-2020 15370 H 10500 5/6 DVB-S/QPSK 19200375. TP 1LATEST Tandberg TP 202 (01-01-2020 updated) LATEST Tandberg Key. 63 keys for tpl (

latest keys softcam downloader v3 0

Plug in softcam and open it. Choose your key and copy it into the editor. You can now control softcam, view and save the settings of your keys. Help in understanding softcam running on windows XP working OK. You can edit the file Softcam.ini in the root folder of the softcam. This file contains a lot of settings, but one key can be changed. To change the key please follow the steps below: Turn the softcam on in the watch. Press on key s, then press on shift and select the key to open the editor.

Clone my softcam to another folder, say for example "Softcam_01". Open the folder Softcam_01\conf\Softcam.ini and change the key which is currently active to the biss private key. Save and close the file. Now we have a clone softcam which uses a BISS private key. Make a backup of softcam_01\conf\Softcam.ini, maybe rename it to Softcam.ini. Now copy the softcam folder which has the old key into the new place.

Softcam Download 24 (04-03-2005 ATV feed (2600/1FFF) Biss New Key (42.0E) Biss Feed date: 04-03-2005 12510 H 12500 5/6 DVB-S/QPSK 19201080. Super SATfiles ; Discovery 5e, biss keys, active latest keys 22.03.2005. Download 669. 21.44 Kb ;


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