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Where To Buy Dental Equipment LINK

We Offer Delivery, Installation & Service in our local market!We carry all possible items used in dental practice - from single burs to panoramic x-Ray machines. Most of our equipment is of well known brand names like Adec, Pelton & Crane, Belmont, DentalEZ, Sirona, TPC, Beaverstate, ADS, Siemens, Marus, Midwest, KaVo, Star, Gendex, Planmeca, ImageWorks, Vector and others.Our stock far exceeds what we are able to show online, so please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at We look forward to hearing from you.Please Contact us to place an order or ask any questions.

where to buy dental equipment, a great dental online storeOur mission is deeply rooted in product quality, fast efficient service and professional dental industry knowledge.Better dental equipment, better service, fewer dollars.It's that simple.

Since 2003, Dentaltown magazine's online community of dental professionals has consistently named A-dec products as the best across multiple categories. Once again, we're honored by this year's Townie Choice Awards.

Over the past decade, it has become more and more common for dental hygienists to purchase equipment and supplies for their clinical practice settings. Traditionally, dental offices supplied all our workplace needs. Some think it is just plain silly for a hygienist to make purchases, but a growing number of practitioners are selecting and buying their own equipment. Manufacturers and dental supply companies are taking notice of this shift.

More hygienists want to own their equipment for an increasing number of reasons that include working as a temporary employee, being employed in several practices, seeking consistency in performing tasks, having equipment that supports workplace safety, and working with higher-quality equipment. Hygienists who practice in states that allow more autonomy, or who have the ability to practice outside the four walls of a traditional dental office, often own their own equipment, purchasing supplies that support these alternative settings.

Before discussing other options, it is important to understand that there are two ways companies sell in dentistry. Some companies are structured to sell directly to hygienists. Often, companies that sell loupes and headlights are set up like this. Other companies, such as those that sell commodities such as gloves or hand instruments, rely on national, local, and regional dealers to handle sales. Within the dental dealer arena, there are companies that will do business with a hygienist that uses a credit card for the sale. Others feel that opening an account for a dental hygienist is not cost effective because our purchasing habits are sporadic and limited.

A growing number of hygienists want to buy products without having to go through a dentist. Consider using a regional dealer if a national company does not want to sell products directly to you. Smaller dental dealers often have more flexible policies. Companies that sell direct often have interest-free payment plans for larger purchases, spreading the financial impact over a period of time. These plans require a down payment with a credit card, followed by a series of auto-payments.

Another way to use a credit card involves getting a card that is interest free for a period of time. This was the strategy that I used to purchase a high-end ultrasonic scaler when I decided to join the ranks of dental hygienists doing temporary assignments. Over the years, a manually-tuned magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler became my power scaler of choice. It was unlikely that I would find one in offices where I worked as a temporary hygienist, so I bought my own. The trick is to pay the card off after the teaser period, before interest charges kick in. Consider cancelling the card as soon as there is no balance to avoid a costly surprise.

Making an investment in your future can be scary and rock your comfort zone, but protecting yourself and your career by purchasing your own equipment is one of the most comforting and satisfying actions you can take to ensure that your career is under your control. RDH

ANNE NUGENT GUIGNON, RDH, MPH, provides popular programs, including topics on biofilms, power driven scaling, ergonomics, hypersensitivity, and remineralization. Recipient of the 2004 Mentor of the Year Award and the 2009 ADHA Irene Newman Award, Anne has practiced clinical dental hygiene in Houston since 1971, and can be reached at or (832) 971-4540.

Dental supply companies sell a variety of dental products, including small and large equipment, from well-known brands directly to dental offices. Many suppliers offer their own brands as well as various services including repair, financing, consulting, and office design.

Using a dental supply company can streamline your ordering process, help you to manage costs, and keep service at your practice at a top tier while offering high-quality goods and procedures. Be sure to evaluate several companies before making a choice and ask for recommendations from experienced colleagues.

The Henry Schein company serves customers in more than 32 countries, offering more than 120,000 dental products with the ability to special order others. Different practices have different needs but Henry Schein, in business for more than 90 years, claims to be the largest dental supply business in North America.

Atlas has acquired, added value, and re-sold over 80,000 pieces of equipment. Gaining knowledge with each transaction and continually assessing the new and used market, we have created a trustworthy approach to buying equipment that would otherwise be scrapped for parts and lost value. We start by identifying what still holds value and then utilize multiple sources of market data to ensure you are receiving the maximum profit for your used equipment. After our assessment and purchase, we make it even easier on you by handling all logistics for removal, pickup, and shipping.

If you are considering a dental startup, are already in the process, or looking into updating your practice, contact Dental & Medical Counsel to schedule a complimentary consultation with dental attorney Ali Oromchian to discuss these topics and other strategies to pick the right equipment specialist.

Dental technicians worldwide rely on KaVo dental laboratory handpieces. KaVo's K-ERGOgrip Installation, K-POWERgrip Installaion, and K5 Plus Installation offer you a ligthweight, well-balanced, powerful and quiet solution.

"Community Dental Health's focus is to increase access to care to underserved communities. We have worked with DNTLworks since our nonprofit organization was founded in 2006. DNTLworks quality equipment and professionalism has been a key factor in the success we have achieved and the impact we have made to the vulnerable sector in our community."

"TeamSmile originated in 2007 with the goal of giving underserved children access to freedental care. From our first program, we partnered with DNTLworks to utilize their deliverysystems, lights, chairs and stools in our mobile clinic. We are not only impressed with their product but also with their level of service we received from their company. We have recently upgraded to their ProCart Ill. DNTLworks is the greatest and TeamSmile is grateful for all they do to help us and the communities of children we serve."

"I have been a customer of DNTL Works for many years. They have the best customer service in the business. The mobile equipment is well made and user friendly.We are not always gentle with the equipment, but I never haveto worry about it's reliability. I really appreciate that DNTL Works is always looking for ways to improve. They listen to customer feedbackand are always looking for ways to help us care for the communities we serve."

For several years, DNTL works has partnered with our Dental Department to find solutions for providing care outside of our brick and mortar dental clinics. We met with DNTLworks and they provided units

"There is so much that goes into running a mobile clinic and the last thing you want to worry about is your equipment performing. DNTLworks lives up to their reputation of quality, built to last products. We are so excited about our new DNTLworks Supreme patient chairs and Portable operator stools. They are gorgeous and ergonomic. DNTLworks has thought of everything in their design. DNTLworks does not disappoint."

I"I run a school-based dental hygiene program with several machines working at a time. When looking for portable equipment to purchase, noise factor was my main criteria. DNTLWorks has the lowest decibal reading of all portable dental machines on the market making it a very quiet machine. We easily run 3 machines at a time in a vacant classroom without any intrusion from the machines.Not only have they been extremely patient with helping us fix "human error" problems, they even custom built our machines.

"Our school based dental program in South Carolina has been using DNTL Works equipment for 13 years. Their equipment suites our needs perfectly! The personal connection we have with the company from ordering new equipment, parts, and equipment servicing makes DNTL Works #1 in the portable dental equipment profession." 041b061a72


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