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The mod team for SimCity DC is a separate entity than the mod team for the original SimCity, and you can be fairly certain that Muffin Man and Cybercommand had nothing to do with the Early Release 1 Update 1 release. The subject of how that might have happened has long been debated, with some suggesting that local Maxis employee Dan May was the likely culprit, and others suggesting that someone within the SimCity forums community was responsible. If you take the second of those two alternatives to be true, it means that the internal Maxis staff likely knew nothing about the release. In any case, the people responsible for that release are on exactly the same side of the field as the modders. Given the fact that the modders have a much higher level of technical experience than the people at Maxis, the modders were correct when they described this as a poorly-thought-out, half-baked half-enforced-with-no-advance-notice release, and, as Chris C. of et al, pointed out, this was a wakeup call for those who were too confident that the modders could not possibly outbreed Maxis.

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You can read more details about this problem at the Polygon Fallout Vault. It might be worth your time if you have any experience with this situation, as it highlights the danger and frustration that might arise if you do not take care of your digital software properly. As usual, kudos to the commentors who were able to provide at least partial resolution to the problem, and I may do a follow-up for anyone who wishes to provide additional details.

To play SimCity 5, users first have to download its data (14GB), then download the game (4GB), then run a total of 51 patches to bring the game up to date with the current EA servers, and finally install the game itself. None of these are needed, however, to play the game in a classic form, which is exactly what a lot of users have been doing, as an unofficial, as-it-should-be-released version of SimCity 5. Any of those who have been playing this copy of SimCity 5 should not update the game to the current EA servers and/or patch the game, as this would just make the game unplayable (losing all the data that is already installed) and in actuality would create a useless computer because all of its networking, internet, and peripheral capabilities are nonexistent. You would have to unplug the ethernet port to actually get it to work.


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