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This one has the unique distinction of being a bad accent that also makes no sense within the universe of its movie. American period movies set in countries where people wouldn't have been speaking English usually go with British accents, but for 2004's Alexander, set in ancient Greece, Angelina Jolie decided to go with something that sounds like Russian. She was also 29 and playing the mother of 28-year-old Colin Farrell, so maybe this bizarre choice wasn't hers.

-in the 21st century, along with the revival of the Russian film production, a kind of reformatting of the tapes about the school and university from the cinematic to the television show happened: modern multiplexes began to focus on spectacular action movies and full-length animated pictures (shot mostly in 3D), so the producers preferred to switch stories about schoolchildren , students and teachers on the television audience;

Another successful stylization for Soviet school movies was the comedy Good Boy (2016), which became the winner of the film festival "Kinotavr". As M. Trofimenkov rightly noted, "the good and harmful children who meet melodramatic relationships in adults are the same typical heroes of the Soviet "new wave": from Vitaly Melnikov's Mom got Married (1969) to Children as Children (1978) by Ayan Shahmaliyeva. If you recall the later, still soft versions, but already versions of the youth riot, then in the memory emerges Courier (1986) by Karen Shakhnazarov. The fact that Oksana Karas's film evokes such associations makes him an honour" [Trofimenkov, 2016].

Sexual (however, submitted very gently) motifs of "perestroika" movies were played in the drama Let's Make Love (2002), where with a noticeable amount of irony was told the story of a student trying to part with his protracted virginity.

1993Bill Clinton becomes the US President: January 20. Meeting B.N. Yeltsin and B. Clinton in Canada: April 3-4. The Moscow International Film Festival (1993, July), perhaps for the first time in its history, experienced a shortage of viewers: crowds of thirsty "extra tickets" in dozens of metropolitan cinema halls are a thing of the past. Satisfied with tasty and forbidden in the old days Western films, the mass audience preferred to watch movies on TV and video (already at home, and not in the video rooms that had survived the last few days), not being tempted by the amazing colour reproduction of the festival "kodak" or the loud names of the filmmakers. The publication of President BN. Yeltsin decree No. 1400 on the dissolution of the Congress of People's Deputies and the Supreme Council of Russia: September 21. The breakthrough of the cordon around the House of Soviets of the Russian Federation, the seizure by the group of armed supporters of the Supreme Council of the building of the Moscow mayor's office and the attempted armed seizure of the television center Ostankino: October 3. The dispersal of the rebels with the help of troops entered into the center of Moscow: October 4. A live broadcast of the rebellious White House (the building of the Supreme Council) in Moscow by the American television company CNN, undertaken by Russian special forces units and tanks: October 4.

Changes and amendments to the Federal Law of May 5, 2014 to Federal Law No. 53 On the State Language of the Russian Federation (dated June 1, 2005). Derenkovskaya, E. (2008). People with disabilities. Dolin, A. (2013). The Geographer Burned the Globe - everyday cinema about real people. November, 7. 041b061a72


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