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Sia - The Greatest (Lyrics)

Making pop about a specific tragedy is necessarily a tricky job. So it's no crime that some of the other mainstream original songs memorializing Orlando have been as rote as issue-oriented singles are often stereotyped as being. ... But "The Greatest" is very potent, a work of art, not charity. ... There's no break here from the rest of Sia's catalog about pain and release in everyday life: You hear a sad voice wailing about bucking up, very stark emotional peaks and valleys, and a danceable backing of explosive drums, toy-box melodies, and reggae grooves. Sia and Greg Kurstin may have written the song even before the massacre. But in the context of Orlando, the possible platitude of the chorus becomes gutting: "I'm free to be the greatest / I'm alive." She's pepping the listener up, but she's also defining the value of life, marking the human potential that's been lost.[8]

Sia - The Greatest (Lyrics)

So, we know that it's a tribute song for the victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting. Maybe there's a deeper meaning. When the music started, Maddie broke everyone out of the so-called prison. Maybe it symbolizes the victims breaking out of their shell, accepting who they are. Later on, Maddie encourages them to not give up. Afterwards, they all started to dance. It could symbolize the victims being okay with their identity. At the end of the video, the victims fall to the floor. Behind them, there are "bullet holes" in the wall behind them. So what if they have fallen? They were "the greatest" in the eyes of other people, despite their differences.

I think the songs about Christ and his 2nd coming, his life and oppression throughout, and how he will never give up because he is the greatest! And the children are his, they belong to him, always have.its the song of Christ the lamb of God! It is amazing and it has deep meaning, personal, intimate and real. The children are orphans, slaves, they are the only ones who belong to the kingdom, and as the world sinks deeper into a sleep of there spiritual blindness, the children are always in tune, alive and awake, they are waiting to be saved, rescued, loved and taken to the new earth, because in his eyes they are the greatest! They are spotless and DEVINE! sincerely,M.A.P.S the Christ 041b061a72


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