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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Advanced: The Ultimate Guide to Data Management and Disk Optimization

The Paragon app can be used to back up many types of data, including photos, music, word-processing documents, spreadsheets, videos, and games. It can convert most of these formats to and from the formats used for backups, and back up directly to a network server or a ZIP file. The app's drag-and-drop interface is well-designed, and if you're handy with a computer mouse and keyboard, you should find it easy to use. As with many recent programs, Paragon has excellent options for enabling or disabling individual features on the fly, rather than requiring a system reboot.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Advanced 17.4.0 (86x 64x)

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Advanced Disk Manager can convert data to and from more than two dozen popular and proprietary data-format settings, and can restore files or folders from compressed backups, Microsoft's ZIP file format, and JAR files (Java archives). Paragon's wizards are slick and its menus are friendly, and there's a sense of utility that you don't often get from vendors of disk-management tools.

Paragon's license fee for Advanced Disk Manager is $15 or $20 a disk, which is a relatively good price when you consider that you can use the app to wipe data from a hard disk and to back up a 500GB disk in just two minutes. At $20 for an additional hard drive, the app's price would double, which is still a good deal given that the app is, in fact, a scaled-down version of Paragon's $200 DiskWipe Pro.

Pricing for Advanced Disk Manager is interesting, but pricing for most of the Paragon apps is simply outrageous. Paragon's standard edition of its main disk-wipe utility costs $199, and requires a $700 license to use the app's repair functions. (That makes it pricey, even for professionals who need to repair disk errors that can be expensive to fix.) After your hard drive has had four simple wipes, you're only allowed to back up data five times; after that, Paragon charges $100 for each additional hard drive, which doesn't provide much value.


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