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The Ultimate Guide to Traktor Scratch Pro 2: Features, Benefits, Tips, and Tricks + Crack PC Torrent Download

Traktor Scratch Pro 2: The Ultimate DJ Software for Vinyl Lovers

If you are a DJ who loves the feel and sound of vinyl, but also wants to play digital files with ease and creativity, then you need Traktor Scratch Pro 2. This is a powerful DJ software that lets you spin up to four tracks using super-tight vinyl and CD control. You can also mix with track recommendations, sync, effects, freeze mode, and more. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Traktor Scratch Pro 2, including its features, benefits, installation, usage, tips, tricks, and where to download it legally.

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What is Traktor Scratch Pro 2?

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is a DJ software developed by Native Instruments, a leading company in the music technology industry. It is part of the Traktor family of products, which also includes Traktor Pro 3, Traktor DJ 2, Traktor Kontrol controllers, Traktor Audio interfaces, and more.

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is designed for DJs who want to use timecode vinyls or CDs to control digital files on their computer. It comes with a high-quality audio interface called Traktor Audio 10, which allows you to connect up to four turntables or CD players, as well as a mixer, headphones, speakers, and other devices. You can also use MIDI controllers or keyboards to control the software.

With Traktor Scratch Pro 2, you can access an endless collection of tracks from your own library or from SoundCloud Go+, a streaming service that integrates seamlessly with the software. You can also get suggestions on what track to play next based on what's playing. You can easily mix your tracks with sync, EQs, filters, effects, loops, hotcues, flux mode, freeze mode, and more. You can also record your mix and save it with a tap using the built-in Mix Recorder.

Features and benefits of Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 has many features and benefits that make it one of the best DJ software for vinyl lovers. Here are some of them:

Four track decks with vinyl and CD control

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 lets you spin up to four tracks simultaneously using timecode vinyls or CDs. You can switch between different modes (absolute, relative, internal) depending on how you want to control your tracks. You can also toggle between different sources (vinyl phono or CD line) for each deck. You can scratch, backspin, pitch bend, cue, nudge, jump, loop, remix, and more with your vinyls or CDs as if they were digital files.

High-quality sound and performance

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 delivers studio-grade sound quality thanks to its 24-bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters. It also has a low-latency engine that ensures smooth performance and stability. You can adjust the buffer size according to your system specifications and preferences. You can also use external soundcards or ASIO drivers if you want.

SoundCloud Go+ integration and track recommendations

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 gives you access to an unlimited collection of tracks from SoundCloud Go+, a streaming service that offers millions of songs from various genres and artists. You can browse by charts, genres, moods, playlists, or search by keywords. You can also get recommendations on what track to play next based on what's playing. You can preview tracks before loading them into your decks. You can also save tracks offline for later use.

Flexible layouts and MIDI compatibility

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 allows you to choose from different layouts depending on how you like to play. You can switch between two-deck or four-deck modes. You can also customize your interface by showing or hiding different elements such as waveforms


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